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Interview with James Morris

Ibn Arabi's vision for a fully human global civilisation

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (1165-1240) is one of the most influential Arab philosophers and mystics. James Morris, Professor of Islamic Theology at Boston College, explains why his writings are still popular and why, today, they give the most productive answer to fundamentalist approaches in Islam.

www.qantara.de, 16.12.2019

"We can't turn back the clock"

London-based author Hisham Matar writes about the disappearance of his father, a member of the Libyan opposition who was kidnapped while exiled in Cairo and has never been seen since. In ″The Return″, Matar describes his own fruitless search to trace his father and Libya′s brief moment of hope following the fall of Gaddafi.

www.qantara.de, 16.01.2018

"We are in the middle of a transformative process"
Islamic scholar Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im of the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, USA, has done extensive research into the ways in which Sharia can be reconciled with the modern secular state. Claudia Mende spoke to him about the different faces of the secular, the separation of state and religion in early Islamic history and why he feels Muslims are in the middle of a reformation process.

www.qantara.de, 26.07.2017

How do you welcome someone?
Mona Sidiqqui on Brexit, Muslims and the migrant issue
The recent influx of refugees into Europe, seen by some as threatening its secular and liberal identity, triggered a wave of right-wing populism. Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh, is nevertheless convinced that the continent is still strong enough to pull back from the anti-Islamic rhetoric.

The reinvention of Islam
Interview with the Islamic scholar Ebrahim Moosa
www.qantara.de, 22.3.2016

Voice of the people
Interview with the Egyptian DJ Mohammed Safi
Cairo is a mecca for lovers of Arab underground and independant music.
Although the government and the Egyptian Music Syndicate are constantly
trying to intimidate bands and eliminate critical texts, Cairo's music scene retains something of the spirit of the 2011 revolution.
www.qantara.de, 29.12.2015

"There are no simple solutions"

French crime writer Karim Miské in interview.
In the wake of the Paris attacks the question is how such an outbreak of violence and hatred could have happened in France.
www.qantara.de, 2.12.2015


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